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Installation under Windows

Execute the setup and follow the instructions, it is not required to have the administrator rights nor to first uninstall a previous release. To not uninstall a previous version allows to save the licence file.

bouml.exe and boumlViewer are compiled in static mode and only require mingwm10.dll installed by the setup. To save place the other executables are compiled in dynamic mode and require all the dll installed by the setup.

The license file licence.txt must be placed in the install directory of BOUML, this means where the executables of BOUML are

Install under Linux

The installation mode depends on the distribution, it is indicated it in the page download

By default the executables are installed under /usr/lib/bouml (debian based distributions, or 32bits redhat based distributions) or /usr/lib64/bouml (64bits redhat based distributions), and the shell script bouml and boumlViewer are placed under /usr/bin

The shell scripts bouml and boumlViewer must be used to start BOUML and its viewer, they set environment variables allowing them to find the plug-out.

The license file licence.txt must be placed in the install directory of BOUML where the executables of BOUML are, this means /usr/lib/bouml or /usr/lib64/bouml by default (to know where look at the content of the shell script file /usr/bin/bouml). To save your license file don't uninstall Bouml before to move to an other version

Installation under MacOS X

The installation is done through the finder (see this video on YouTube).

If you install several applications of Bouml I encourage you to create a folder bouml under Applications to group them into.

Through the finder double click on the dmg to install, a new window will appears containing the icon of the corresponding application, drag and drop this icon into Applications or the sub folder you created.

Now you can close the window and the pseudo disk added in the finder by the installation.

To start bouml or boumlViewer or projectControl or projectSynchro you can use the finder, or the launchpad (you may have to use the horizontal arrows to go into the screen showing their icons), and obviously you can also add the expected application(s) into the dock.

The license file licence.txt must be placed in the folder bouml under Applications in case you created it, or the folder where you installed Bouml. If you copy it through a bash shell the destination folder is /Applications/bouml in case you created the sub folder bouml under Applications, or /Applications in case you installed Bouml directly under Applications, etc.

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