HTML documentation generator

The HTML documentation generator is developed using BOUML and is an example of a program implemented simultaneously in C++ and Java.

As it is signified by its name, the HTML documentation generator generates HTML pages describing the object on which it is applied and its sub objects, with some indexes. When the generator is started some dialogs appear to configure the result, you may also set them using the options, see below

The diagrams are produced in the generated page(s), the used scale and picture size are the default ones except when there are set (for instance see use case diagram).

The HTML code generator manages the following options (in order) :

In case the generated files directory is specified the dialogs don't appears, this allows to generate the HTML documentation without any manual action.

These options may be set through the Tool setting dialog, or when you ask to start a plug-out when Bouml is lauched (see here).

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