Genpro : .pro generator

genpro is an other example of plug-out developed with BOUML, its goal is to generate the .pro file used by qmake or tmake to produce the Makefile of a C++ program using Qt ... for instance a plug-out.

genpro has itself a graphical interface implemented thanks to Qt, when it is applied on a artifact stereotyped executable the following window appears (here it is applied on the html executable artifact, the C++ generation directory is /tmp/html/cpp) :

By default the .pro file is produced in the directory where the executable is made, the executable's name is the artifact's name except when this least is 'executable', in this case is is the project's name. You may specify the template (app, lib or subdirs), set some flags like debug, the C++ pre-processor variable definitions (see plug-out for explanations on WITHCPP WITHJAVA WITHIDL WITHPHP WITHPYTHON and WITHMYSQL), ask to place the objects in a directory which is not the one used for the sources etc ...

The source files considered by genpro are the ones produced by the source artifacts associated to the executable artifact on which genpro is applied.

The same technique may be used to directly generate a Makefile for a C++ or Java program.

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