Class UmlBaseParameterSet

Declaration :

Directly inherited by : UmlParameterSet

Artifact : UmlBaseParameterSet

Operation create

returns a new parameter set named 's' created under 'parent'

In case it cannot be created (the name is already used or
invalid, 'parent' cannot contain it etc ...) return 0 in C++
and produce a RuntimeException in Java

Declaration :

Operation kind

returns the kind of the item

Declaration :

Operation UmlBaseParameterSet

the constructor, do not call it yourself !!!!!!!!!!

Declaration :

Operation pins

return the pins part of the parameter set

Declaration :

Operation set_Pins

set the pins

Declaration :

Operation unload

to unload the object to free memory, it will be reloaded automatically
if needed. Recursively done for the sub items if 'rec' is TRUE.

if 'del' is true the sub items are deleted in C++, and removed from the
internal dictionnary in C++ and Java (to allow it to be garbaged),
you will have to call Children() to re-access to them

Declaration :

Relation _pins (<unidirectional association>)

Declaration :

Stereotype: vector

Operation read_uml_

Declaration :

All public operations : apply , applyStereotype , children , childrenVisible , create , defined_ , deleteIt , description , getIdentifier , identifier_ , isMarked , isToolRunning , isWritable , kind , kind , markedItems , moveAfter , name , parent , pins , properties , propertyValue , referencedBy , set_childrenVisible , set_Description , set_isMarked , set_Name , set_Pins , set_PropertyValue , set_Stereotype , stereotype , supportFile , unload , unload