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Here are plug-outs written by users of Bouml, distributed under GPL / open source distribution, under the responsability of their author.

If you have plug-outs having an interest for the Bouml community, don't hesitate to send them to me by email ( ) and I will add them in this page. Your contribution must contain the Bouml project defining the plug_out with a readme or more. If your plug-out has a C++ implementation I will made the Windows executable.


Author : Robert Powell

BundleParser is a Bouml plugout for modelling OSGi and Eclipse bundles.

Available on sourceforge

Butter 1.0

Author : Justin Finnerty,

Butter is a plug-out for generating a build system for (at the moment) C++ projects. It can produce build systems in three styles: Boost jam, standard jam and gnu make. For people who have not used jam before, butter allows you to try it out before learning a new build-file syntax.

CxxTestCase 0.7

Author : Suleman Khalid,

This plug out can be applied to class and class view to generate a test class for any class or group of classes in a class view. This plug out also generates suitable source artifacts for generated test classes if it finds an associated deployment view for the selected class view.

Isotrol DocGen

Project Manager : Nicolas Bertet, unified process consultant : Jaime Gallo Garcia, developper/designer : José Manuel Portero García, web site :

DocGen allows you to generate automatically documents extracting text and diagrams from a Bouml project. It's preconfigured with a generic template and three definition files of Analysis, Design and Architecture OpenUP based documents. It allows to insert predefined tables and link external images to insert in the document. You can define your own template and file definitions. It's as easy as writing a OpenOffice Writer document and editing a XML file respectively.

Please refer to DocGen Wiki

ExtractInterface 0.1

Author : Suleman Khalid,

This plug out can be applied to a class and implement the Extract Interface refactoring.

JPA-plugout 1.0

Author : david jeanneteau,

This plugout helps to generate JPA models ready for use in Play! framework.

RooPlugout 1.0

Author : David Jeanneteau,

This plugout parses the model and generates Roo script:

The generated script may be used with Roo.

Sort 1.0

Author : Sébastien Lopez,

This Plugout sorts the elements of the browser in a recursive way. It can also store elements of definition of a class according to a configuration file The configuration file contains adequate explanations.

Wiki Html 1.0

Author : Rene de Zwart,

Wiki Html is developped from the Html generator. In the original Html generator the description of the elements is produced without change, here these descriptions can contains wiki forms transformed in Html form during the generation.

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