MySQL reverse

The MySQL code reverse is a plug-out directly written in C++.

Note that the MySQL code reverse cannot be used as a MySQL code round trip and doesn't allows to update already defined classes having at least one member.

The MySQL code reverse plug-out may be applied only on a package.

When you start the MySQL code reverse, it ask for a for a list of files to reverse, the reverse doesn't connect to a MySQL server.

The reversed files must define tables of the same database. The reversed files may also define the database, in this case the created artifact associated to the reversed tables also define the database, else the artifact only define the tables (you are able to edit it later to also define the database). The reverse considers only create database, create schema and create table forms, the other forms are bypassed. If needed the keys are renamed to respect the unicity of the attribute and relation role's names.

Obviously the MySQL code reverse tries to produce the definitions made in BOUML at the artifact / class / relation / attribute levels.

When the MySQL code reverse has a problem, for instance on a syntax error, it produces a warning in the trace window. The trace window is automatically opened by BOUML, it may also be manually opened through the Tools menu.

When the reverse is done, the number of reversed classes, operations, attributes and relations is written, for instance in case I reverse a backup of the PhpBB forum of BOUML ( :

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