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Generate the request license file under Windows

You have of course first to download Bouml and to install it, then start it.

Because you do not have a license that dialog appears :

no license

You confirm and a file explorer appears :


The default directory may depends on your historic etc, I encourage you to move to a standard directory like Documents, then enter the name of the file to generate like for instance req.txt :


You confirm and a dialog saying the generation was done appears, an other dialog indicating an error can also appears immediately after on the previous one (here I moved it a little) :


This is an artifact because you do not a a license, just confirm each and the execution stops.

The generated file is a text file containing encoded data, under Windows it starts by 11 then apparently random characters :


Copy all the content and paste it in the dedicated form of Pricing or send it me by mail at saying me if you request a licence for one year or non limited and if it is for professional purpose or not.

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