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Licence flottantes

The server of licenses licServer (licServer.exe under Windows) manages the clients (hosts where Bouml is used) whatever they are under linux, Windows or MacOS X.

It is better than the server and the clients are on the same network, the time a client waits for a token is limited.

If you start licServer without parameter it produces only the log+port files, is you start it with at least a parameter (whatever it/them) it runs in verbose mode and write on the standard output all the messages written in the log file more a message each time it is contacted by a client-bouml.

When it is started the server doesn't allow a client-bouml to get immediatly a license, you have to wait for 8 minutes for that.

Each 5 minutes a client-bouml send a message to the server and wait for an answer (without blocking the GUI of course), unanswered after 10 seconds a message appears to indicate the problem, the safest is to save the changes and exit BOUML, while checking if the server is still active. The exchanges use udp rather than tcp to not have a lot of sockets, the error could be transient, BOUML then sends a request every 15 seconds, after 10 times without reply another message appears saying that BOUML will stop, the user has two minutes after the confirmation of the message to save the project, after these 2 minutes in case there is no change in the model the execution stops otherwise a dialog asks to save or not the model followed by a forced exit.

When it is launch BOUML wait 10 seconds to receive a license, during which time it is blocked. If there is no more free license or if it cannot contact the server an error message appears and the execution stops, in this case check if the server is still active and look at the file host_log or the messages produced by mode talkative, it is indicated if there is more license free and each time a new license is taken the total number of licenses is displayed with the OS. To release licenses even if BOUML crashes, there is no message sent by BOUML when scripts ends, a host is considered no longer using its license if the server does not receive message for 15 minutes (BOUML sends one every 5 minutes). Because licenses are by host rather than BOUML execution, if you restart BOUML on a host within 15 minutes after discontinuation of previous use you do not have a message that the license has been released or that it taken, but if are in verbose mode you will see the job is still active. When there is more BOUML active for 15 minutes a message is written in host_log and output in verbose mode.

Do not run multiple servers at the same time (on the same machine), else this is shown in the log files and server locks up, then you have to stop the servers and restart one and stop the sessions of BOUML, then wait 8 minutes before to be able to use BOUML again.

By default under MacOS a program can't open a port, you must allow licServer to do that, for that go in the system preferences :


execute secutiry & privacy :


in the tab général click the lock :


in the tab firewall use the button firewall option :


unset block all incoming connections then use the button + :


and specify the version of licServer you use :


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